The impact of COVID in the event industry

The best event specialists know that it’s vital to always have a plan B ready when planning events. However, many specialists are still dealing with mastering the effects of the pandemic.

How have you been affected by the COVID pandemic? Did you have plans to attend your friend’s wedding in the summer or a work conference during the week or a concert on the weekend? Did you have to cancel your plans due to the world shutdown?

As we all know by now, the COVID pandemic has affected everyone around us. One of the worst affected by the pandemic was the events industry. The cancellation of festivals, sporting events, exhibitions and concerts continued with the spread of the virus. The restrictions around you might be fluctuating depending on where you are located or the type of event you are planning. The show must go on. 


Many couples were heartbroken as they had to postpone or cancel their weddings. Some couples turned to elopements, some turned to cancel their wedding altogether, and many turned to the positives of having more time to plan their big day as they continued to postpone their big day as the restrictions changed constantly. As things are starting to look up, the wedding industry is booming as well as it was in the 1980s and you will continue to see the trend of elopements and mid-size weddings.


As a business or corporation, conferences and work events were shut down immediately at the start of the pandemic. If you are a business planning an event for your employees, you might still be hesitant about hosting an event on your own. Businesses pivoted quickly to virtual events and created alternative ways to build and maintain their connections. 


All sports events and competitions were postponed due to the impact of the pandemic. Many live sporting events were held in front of empty stadiums. Organizations will continue to incorporate event safety measures and custom protocols for different sports events to ensure the fans and most importantly the players are safe and healthy.

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