The shift back to in-person events

COVID has definitely made us re-design events. As the world transitions back to in-person events, some attendees will be hesitant for what is to come while others will be excited to see people in public gatherings, be away from home, and socialize with friends and family. Who can blame them?

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The most important aspect of in-person events is the value. With attendees still wary of the danger of the virus, events and conferences must attract people by the value they offer. 

Amy Pooser, the Chief People Officer for Convene said it best…. “The challenge is finding a balance that serves our fundamental human need for connection while also accommodating our new reality as a society”.

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There is a need for flexibility and collaboration when planning an event. Be flexible with businesses as you plan your event while also being flexible with your guests and their specific needs and wants. Collaborate with team members and event specialists as you plan your next amazing event! Change is constant and will forever be a huge part of our world. If you want to learn more steps on how to plan a successful event during these times of uncertainty, keep reading below for more! 

Health and Safety

The health and safety of attendees should be your top priority. How can you minimize the risk for attendees, partners, and staff? Some recommendations you should consider is requiring all attendees to take a pre-event COVID test or even require masks and social distancing depending on what your guests specific needs are. This will lower the risk of potential exposure during your event.

Venue Space

While planning your events, the first thing you should consider is the venue space. Book a spacious venue to allow attendees the comfortability of social distancing. Although social distancing is in the past, certain people feel more comfortable with having the choice of space while networking with others. 

Event Insurance

Most venues already have venue coverage for your event, however, it might be a good idea for you to consider purchasing event insurance to cover any unknowns that can occur. This way you know you are covered in case you have to postpone or cancel your event.

Understanding the Behavior Changes

Everyone has been affected by this pandemic in different ways. Some people are willing to be in close contact while attending events, while others will want to maintain the social distance. You want to make sure all attendees are comfortable with attending your events. Check out how CES 2022 offered their attendees three different stickers to put on their name tags to indicate their level of comfort for shaking hands and touching.

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

The shift to in-person events will definitely by a long process with many changes along the road. I would recommend checking out your local CDC guidelines to gather more information on how to successfully host a safe event while maintaining your company’s brand and keeping all your attendees healthy, safe, and comfortable!

What would you recommend for businesses to plan their amazing event? Comment below more steps to incorporate during your event planning process.

Thanks for readings!

One thought on “The shift back to in-person events

  1. Hi Shannon! I love your insights and breakdown of going back to in person events. I especially love your mention of CES 2022’s sticker idea. Having just attended a conference in mid-February of this year, it was particularly awkward to shake hands without knowing the other person’s level of comfort. Such an idea is great for breaking down any awkward walls in the initial and most often important interaction. Cheers!

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