Effective communication is essential for event success

Communication is at the heart of everything we do, enabling us to form relationships, carry out work and achieve our goals. It is also at the heart of successful event planning!

Whether you are speaking with vendors, clients, or team members, being able to communicate what your event needs to be successful is essential. All event planning relies on effective communication from the initial event development, marketing and promotions phases, through to the actual event itself.

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The planning process needs COMMUNICATION

To plan a successful event, event professionals need to listen to their audiences, understand their needs and plan an event that envisions these desires. While planning your event, always remember to deliver an insightful and memorable event that communicates your brand successfully. Visitors will then communicate their event experience – good or bad – with their network both online and offline.

The next step is translating this understanding to your team and vendors through an event communication plan. An event communication plan outlines the vision of the event, as well as expectations, constraints and deadlines of your vendors and employees. Without a plan and effective management, your event could fall apart.

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You can’t predict when something is going to happen that needs fast, mass communication

As every event planner knows, you cannot plan for everything and you certainly cannot predict the future. You’re not expected to know when something will happen that needs a fast response and clear, concise communication out to a wide group of people. Your best method of preparation is identifying the risks and communicating them with your team.

Tips for better communication:

1. Enable a two-way communication with your team

Allow your team to effectively share and send out information. Everybody must be on the same page and updated when things change or tasks need to be completed. Ensure all communication is clear!

2. Use a communication platform

This will allow your team to receive all the needed information to guarantee the event runs smoothly. Encourage everyone to communicate through this platform. Some platforms I highly recommend are Slack which can be used for quick and fast communication or Honeybook for emails and long term communication and planning.

3. Communicate important information prior to the event

By sharing important information prior to the event, including individual’s roles and responsibilities, it will be clear who is responsible for particular areas so they know when it’s their role to communicate out to the wider team and action particular tasks. This will help avoid too much back and forth which causes confusion with communication.

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Communication is key! Create a solid communication strategy to enable a successful and efficient event for everyone. It is essential that communication is at the forefront of your strategy from beginning to end.

How does your team communicate event needs? Comment below what you think about communication in event planning. I would love to learn more communication strategies that have helped you become a successful event planner!

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Effective communication is essential for event success

  1. This was a wonderful topic to touch on! Communication is SO important in all aspects of life. I loved your section toward the end giving your readers some helpful tips on how to better communicate. I look forward to reading more!


  2. Communication is key! Great points you make and I love the helpful tips. Communication is important in any relationship, both work and personal. No relationship can prosper without successful communication especially during teamwork when working toward a goal.

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