The best ways to get organized when planning an event

Managing and planning an event requires lots of organization. Events are non-stop from beginning to end. It is easy to lose control of organization especially when things get busy. How do you even begin to get organized? How can you juggle multiple clients and multiple events? There are many amazing tips and tools that can be used to ensure your customers and clients are happy and satisfied.

First things first, put everything in your calendar!

Your calendar needs to be your lifeline. With technology nowadays, it might be beneficial to use a calendar on your phone so that it is backed up and with you at all times. Another great idea to stay organized is color coordinating your meetings and work time. Always remember to set time aside to complete your tasks, check emails, and get reorganized.

Organize by files

If you are planning multiple events or have multiple clients, organize their information in files. Create files in your email to help stay organized and make it convenient for you to quickly access information.

Set reminders

It is easy to lose track of information especially if someone does not reply. Setting a reminder to check-in and follow up with information is important to stay organized. Have you ever been so focused on one project that you forget to finalize another project? That happens often, even for someone that is very organized. Technology is very beneficial when it comes to setting quick and easy reminders.

Photo by Paico Oficial on Unsplash

Use a helpful tool

There are so many tools such as apps, detailed oriented sheets, note pages, or even technology devices such as reMarkable to help organize all your details in one spot! Other valuable technology tools that can help keep you organized is Dropbox or Google Drive. These tools allow you to upload, store, and organize documents into online files and folders where they can be easily accessed from anywhere. You can open documents on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can also easily attach those files to emails or share the document with colleagues, vendors, and clients. It can be the perfect organizational solution for event planners who are always on the go.

Photo by Paico Oficial on Unsplash

Trust the process of event management. At the end of the event planning process, if everything is organized, it makes your job easier! Organization is personal. Everyone is different so create a system that works for you. The most important factor should always be accessibility and readiness for information. So make sure that whatever system you use, you can quickly and easily locate the information you’re looking for.

What are some helpful organizational tips you would recommend to others? I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment your helpful tips below!

Thanks for reading!

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