10 Beginning Steps to Plan a Wedding

Did you recently get engaged? Are you wondering what the next steps are to start planning your special day? During the planning process, it is important for you to remember that every wedding is different. The beginning steps in planning are important to truly develop and layout what you really want on your big day.

Photo by micheile .com on Unsplash

1.Daydream about the day

Now’s the time to ask yourself what you want your wedding to look like. Do you want it to be large or small? Maybe you want a traditional wedding with a classic design or a themed wedding based off your favorite show. This is the time to brainstorm. There is no need to stress or make a decision right away, but you have to start somewhere, so explore your options and let your imaginations run wild.

2. Set your budget

This is where you need to get realistic and take a close look at the funding for your wedding. Budgeting can be stressful, but try to look at it in making wise financial decisions as a team. Think about who may be contributing to your funds including family members, look at your savings, start saving now, and develop an all-in number.

3. Choose a wedding date

Pick your date as soon as possible. You may have to have some flexibility depending on the venue and when everyone can attend.

4. Pick your wedding party

Decide who among your close friends and family you want to be with you throughout your wedding. Maid of honor. Best man. Groomsmen and women. Bridesmaids and bridesmen.

5. Build your guest list

Sit down with you partner and start discussing your approximate guest count you both want. Write down who you want to attend. Create a spreadsheet and build a list A and B. Narrow it down together until the list fits wedding size.

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

6. Decide your wedding decor, theme, colors and details

From rustic to elegant to boho to fairytale to more, there are so many wedding styles and decor options to start thinking about for your day. Pinterest is a great place to start searching and saving decor ideas that can help you nail down the details you want for the big day.

7. Book a venue

Think about the style venue you want. Wedding Spot lets you explore venues by location, style, budget, number of guests, and services offered by the site. Book site tours and compare costs and amenities included for each venue.

8. Create a wedding website

Online options and social media are great ways to keep guests up to date on the wedding details. It also helps out-of-town guests stay oriented and connected to the big day. Today, there are scores of easy-to-build wedding website templates. The wedding website builder Zola lets you track guest RSVPs, share pictures of the wedding (before, during, and after), and offer transportation and hotel information for guests.

9. Research and book vendors

Start discussing your style and specific choices for vendors. Get multiple quotes and focus your budget on what vendor is most important to you.

10. Take a break and remember to have fun!

Everything from here on will come together. With the help of your vendors and venue staff, you can create a timeline, seating chart, day-of operation tasks and more. There will be things to manage and decisions to be made throughout the entire process. But mostly, this is a time of anticipation and excitement. Enjoy it.

Photo by Leonardo Miranda on Unsplash

Now you are ready to plan your dream wedding! Remember not everything was covered in these steps but it is a great start to deciding what you want. Be sure to stay up-to-date with wedding trends and wedding blogs for all of the additional tips, tricks, and advice to help you along the way.

What wedding planning tips would you recommend? How were you successful at planning your wedding? Comment your recommendations below! I would love to hear more ideas and tips.

Thanks for reading!

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