5 Biggest Wedding Trends to Expect in 2022

The wedding boom is here and couples are ready to celebrate their weddings in 2022 like never before. It’s exciting to see how weddings will evolve, change, and remain consistent in some ways. It is important to stay up to date with new wedding trends! It is undecided if intimate weddings will be here to stay, as some event planners are seeing weddings being planned for fewer than 100 guests, while others have clients who still want bigger bashes. This year, we are also seeing that couples are generally making everything more intentional, focusing on the guest experience, creating more personalized details, and spending more money per guest to make them feel really included in the experience. 

Are you planning to say “I do” in 2022 or 2023? Follow these trends below to make your dream wedding come to life!

1. Destination Weddings

As guests become more comfortable traveling and navigating any restrictions brides and grooms are getting married in destinations outside their home state or country. They want to make a long weekend or even a full week out of their wedding celebration with friends and family. Demand for exotic domestic destinations is soaring.

2. Brighter Pops of Colors

The traditional color palette of all-white with hints of green and neutral colors is still great, but who doesn’t love being surprised by an elegant array of colorful shades? There are fewer demands for traditional, muted palettes and more interest in brighter pops of color. Brides want something unique that can differentiate their wedding from the traditional style.

3. More focus on the entertainment

Gathering with friends and family has become more important after the pandemic. There is a huge focus on the party elements of the event such as getting guests to the dance floor faster. Couples are moving toward putting on a show for their guests and emphasizing that this gathering is what everyone needs!

4. Intimate weddings & elopements

While some may be doing big weddings, others have come to embrace the intimacy of a micro-wedding. This allows brides and grooms to focus their budget on other aspects of their big day.

5. All things digital

Couples are turning everything into digital. From save the dates to wedding invitees to RSVPs to wedding gifts, it is simple and easy to have everything digital, especially if they have a wedding website.

If you’re planning a 2022 wedding, read my previous blog 10 Beginning Steps to Plan a Wedding to learn where to get started. And remember, a wedding planner or coordinator is important to help ensure that your big day lives up to the magical experience you’ve always envisioned.

There are so many more wedding trends that keep popping up! What trends have you seen this year? Comment your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “5 Biggest Wedding Trends to Expect in 2022

  1. Shannon,

    I really enjoyed this post about wedding trends in 2022! I think you provide great insight on what is to come – I have a few friends getting married within the year and I am curious to see what trends they will follow!


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