Types of events where event management is needed

Are you a professional event manager? Or have you tried to plan an event and things were too overwhelming? Event management is crucial for many types of events and depending on the event, more professional planning may be required.


Planning a wedding can be a full-time job and get very expensive, so it makes sense to invest in professional help to ensure your dream wedding becomes reality! With the help of a wedding and event planner, they can help guide the process and steer you in the best direction for what you’re looking for, and save you so much time on places and vendors that are not right for you. Search for local wedding planners in your area here!

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Sports Entertainment

Attending a sporting event can be extremely fun, but there’s plenty of hard work behind the scenes that must be done first. That’s where sporting event planners and coordinators come into the picture. As a sporting event coordinator, you have the hefty task of planning every detail that goes into preparing the team and facility for game day. You have the task of making sure the sporting event goes off without a hitch to keep spectators and television audiences engaged. You are involved in preparing lodging for the team, purchasing transportation, distributing team news to the media, creating emergency contingency plans, maintaining the security of spectators and players, inspecting the facility, marketing ticket sales, setting concession items, and delegating preparation tasks to other workers!

Corporate Event

 As a corporate event planner, you have the responsibility to set up meetings, conferences, trade shows, seminars, retreats and other events for businesses. A corporate event planner can work for a specific company, with an event agency or as a freelancer. Corporate event planners are needed to ensure all aspects of your planned corporate events including logistics, marketing, contracts, design and communications run smoothly.

Photo by Marissa Grootes on Unsplash


Every business professional knows the importance of networking. It can benefit your current job or your career as a whole. Some networking sessions don’t require the educational element. This means all you need on the event day is a space and some catering. This can be one of the easiest events to plan. I recommend checking out this Harvard Business Review for more tips on how to plan a successful networking event!

Charity or Fundraisers

As a charity, fundraising, and non-profit event planner, you really have to wear two hats in your job. You have to design and plan the event like any other type of event planner, while also fulfilling your duties as a fundraiser, ensuring the event meets the necessary financial targets in order to create a profit. This is why the amount of money spent on staging the event is so important. You need to collaborate directly with individual suppliers, deal directly with the venue, caterers, AV & lighting company etc. Most charity, fundraisers, and non-profit events will have a committee of volunteers, who will help steer and guide the event.

Photo by Alexandre Pellaes on Unsplash

Conferences or Seminars

These types of events require a lot of work and a larger budget. People plan to attend conferences well in advance and majority of the planning is completed early. Conferences feature a number of speakers, which means communication and organization is needed between the speakers and planners. An event like this brings value to attendees. Since conferences and seminars have plenty of pieces to manage, I recommend keeping track of them all with event management software such as Aventri!

Have you planned any of the events above? What types of events would you recommend hiring a professional event management team to ensure proper results? Comment your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading!

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